2016 Endorsements

The RLC of Nebraska is proud to announce that the following endorsees have met their high standards for endorsement, and have Liberty Compacts on file.  More endorsements will be announced in the coming weeks.

The RLCNE invites candidates to submit questionnaires and the Liberty Compact to our Endorsement Committee.  After review, the committee forwards those who appear at least minimum standards to a vote of the RLCNE Board.  In order to receive an endorsement, the candidate must receive a positive vote of a MAJORITY of the board.

In some cases, more than one candidate may be endorsed.  In that instance, the multiple endorsement reflects a sense that any of the endorsed candidates would live up to our standards, if selected.

We encourage members and friends to learn more about our endorsed candidates, and to give of their time and treasure to those candidates throughout this election cycle.

More endorsements may be added, as new applications for endorsement are made.


Legislative Candidates


Regional Candidates