Why Go To Training?

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Posted by laura

Our State Convention, which will be held the weekend of November 9-11 (formal business meeting on Saturday the 10th) is fast approaching.  You can still register--at a discount--here.

But much of our convention time will be consumed with training. Chris Doss, who works for the Leadership Institute as a Grassroots Coordinator/Trainer will be coming to work with us.  I promise that those who are taking part in the training will not be bored--and that social time in the evenings will be great fun, full of fantastic discussions with Chris, who I'm sure will participate.  We are paying his expenses--he is taking "comp time" from work to be here, as this isn't an "official" Leadership Institute event.

The question always comes up, though:  Why should I go to training?  After all, we're learning "on the job", aren't we?  Here are some answers to those questions:

  1. Sometimes we get burned by "on the job" training.  Learning what to watch for--or even explanations for *why* you got burned--in a formal setting, can help you to avoid some of those pitfalls.
  2. None of us--no matter how long we've been "at it"--have seen it all...and there's a pretty good chance that in the coming years, we'll see more.  Being prepared on a basic level helps us to understand and explain what's happening (or what's happened), and move more quickly to the next strategic and tactical levels.  
  3. Formal training helps us to be prepared for practical challenges.  You wouldn't want to go to a healthcare provider who didn't have at least some formal training for what they were going to do, would you?  I like for my doctors to know what a "normal" blood pressure, heart beat, or throat looks/sounds like, so they can identify potential problems, and know when things are A-OK.
  4. Football coaches and players watch game films--so they can see what their opponents might do, so they can see where their own strengths and weaknesses are, and so that they can get ideas for their own play in the future; why not do that in the political world, as well?  Learn from the compiled experiences of others through training!
  5. Shared knowledge and language.  Each of us has different experiences, but if hundreds of us from around the state eventually have a shared core understanding of the political system, we can speak the same language. There's a reason why family practice physicians and cardiologists and neurologists can at least exchange information and have a basic understanding of what the others are talking about--shared core language and knowledge of the way the human body works.  Our common training will give us a shared knowledge and language regarding the "body politic"!
If you haven't signed up yet, be sure to sign up soon here.

Getting Involved

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Posted by laura under NEWS

People sometimes wonder why I suggest that RLC members and friends get involved in the various elements of the Party organization.  Here are my top 3 reasons:

  1. We ARE Republicans.  If we want our voices heard, we need to be involved organizationally.  That may mean that we won't always get our way, but the old adage is that "the world is run by those who show up"--and the same is true of politics.  "Showing up" is more than just every two years at convention time.
  2. Training Grounds.  The more you show up and see what's going on, and how it's done, the better equipped you are for taking on leadership when the opportunity presents itself. You'll see what you like, and don't like, in the way things are currently run.  You'll start developing ideas about how YOU'D do things differently.  And, while our folks succeeded at doing this in some counties, in most cases, brand new people aren't going to be thrust immediately into leadership, so heed #1, and take notes.
  3. Evangelization/Education.  Those of us who believe in liberty of all kinds, and who believe that SMALLER (not more "efficient") government is the answer to reclaiming some of our lost liberties, need to be able to articulate that to those who have grown up in an era of Bush I--Dole--Gingrich--Bush II--McCain--Romney Republicanism. Republicans have come to believe that "conservative" means socially conservative and pro-military.  Those of us who believe in the Constitution and limited government must "just say no" when our fellow Republicans want to endorse a government program because "they" agree with it.

There is much work to do, in many places.  Whether in your local County Party organization, the YR's, the Women's Federation, or any other group, YOUR voice is needed.  Get involved where you can!

Under 40? Another Way To Get Involved.

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Posted by laura under NEWS

This was submitted by one of our younger RLCers--definitely something that is worth considering:

There are a lot of good new energetic folks trying to get involved and fix the Republican party, but we have run into resistance from the establishment who want to protect their place on the "establishment ladder".  They are driven by political career ambition and rely on cronyism.  They have publicly mocked good conservative groups I refer to as "unity folks" such as the RLCNE, Ron Paulers, Tea Partiers, Libertarians, Constitution Conservatives, etc. and resist accepting them into their exclusive club like a teenage clique. The unity folks are already exerting influence in the state party (NEGOP) and various county parties (Douglas, Sarpy, etc.).  The "Nebraska Young Republicans" are our next step in this mission because as a branch of the NEGOP, they provide us with a valuable extra seat on the NEGOP Executive Committee. We have a solid group of individuals ready to step in and assume leadership roles within the Young Republican group, but your help is CRUCIAL!!!  We elect new leadership at the September meeting (September 11th), and we need as many of our members there (as paid/voting members) as possible to help us oust the establishment leadership and elect unity folks in their place.  You must be under 40 years old and a registered Republican in Douglas County.

All that is required of you is to go to the following link below and register.  There is a $20 fee that we will cover if needed so don't let that stop you.  After taking 5 minutes to register online, the only thing required of you will be to show up to the September YR meeting and vote to replace the establishment. 

  • Go to this site ASAP and join the Omaha YR's by filling out the application and paying the annual membership of $20 for individual or $25 for a couple which will make you a voting member so you can help us out. http://www.nebraskayr.org/Become-A-Member.php  (You can leave the referred by: section blank, and if it allows you to pay by credit card, please do so.  (If the $20 is a deal breaker for you, let me know and I'll pay it for you...Your support is THAT important)!
  • Attend the September meeting (Tuesday, September 11th @ 6:30pm at Charlie's on the Lake) and vote our candidates into leadership offices by following the slate that will be provided to you.

Wisconsin gets it, but we will have to push on in Nebraska to make the changes we set out to accomplish.  We are only half way there!

Endorsements are Funny Things

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Posted by laura under NEWS

On the evening of April 15, RLCNE will make public the first of its endorsements for the 2012 election cycle.  This endorsement will be for the U.S. Senate Race.  

Six Republicans have filed for that seat and will be on the ballot, however only four of them seem to really be running serious campaigns.

Endorsements for Federal races follow a two tiered process in states where there is a chartered organization (like Nebraska).  The first step is a recommendation for endorsement from the state organization board.  The second is consideration of that recommendation by the national organization's Board of Directors.

All candidates who wish to be endorsed by the RLC are asked to fill out a Federal Candidate Questionnaire, and sign the Liberty Compact--although in the case of a well known candidate, or one who has been endorsed by the RLC previously, the requirement for the questionnaire is sometimes waived.

Endorsements such as ours do not carry big dollars--but they do send a message to our members and friends about who WE think would be a good candidate, and who we think is worthy of your support--both financial and in terms of effort.

We'll be announcing our Senate endorsee soon.  We are currently reviewing potential endorsements for the legislature, as well as several local races.

Senate Debate and Winter Meeting on February 11th in Kearney

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Posted by jon under NEWS

Join Us as RLC-Nebraska hosts a GOP SENATE CANDIDATE DEBATE and holds our WINTER MEETING.

Four of the five Senate candidates (all but Attorney General Bruning) have already agreed to be there at 9 a.m. on Saturday the 11th.  We'll be in the "Paradise Room" of the Convention Center.  At the conclusion of the debate, we'll take a brief break--probably around 11 a.m., and the resume shortly thereafter. We'll probably break just long enough to clear out any public members who are in attendance, and long enough for everyone to grab a quick bite to eat (there are a number of fast-food type opportunities near the hotel). We anticipate being done and on the road not later than 3 p.m.

Ramada Kearney Convention Center
301 2nd Avenue, I-80 at Exit 272
Kearney, Nebraska
Saturday, February 11, Debate @ 9 a.m.
Republican Liberty Caucus-Nebraska Meeting to follow
Reservations for Friday night can be made by calling