RLC-NE Vice Chair, Jon Tucker, Speaking at Heartland LibertyFest 2011

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Jon Tucker, Vice Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Nebraska at the Heartland LibertyFest 2011 on August 6, 2011.

Our Very First Blog Post!

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Greetings to RLCNE members and those who might be interested in the RLCNE.  We've recently upgraded our site to add this blog page.

It is our intention to provide something of an overview of what we're doing, a synopsis of our goals, or other items of interest to our members on this page.  

This summer was a flurry of activity, as the RLCNE acted as a co-sponsor for the Heartland LibertyFest that took place near Omaha in early August.

Our next goal is to take on the question of candidate endorsements--both state offices (legislature, this year) and federal offices (Senate and House--in conjunction with RLC-National).

If you'd like to participate in helping us to develop some objective criteria for determining endorsement eligibility, please contact Laura at: lauraebke@rlcne.org